Friday, 24 March 2017

Know, Seek, Embrace, Believe in your true self

Each one of us is born into this world with our true self, our higher self, our own spirit. Many of us were born searching for answers. I was definitely one of those beings. I remember being two and asking my self - Where am I? Why am I here? what am I meant to do here? All along my life I have asked these questions at times in my life. and i am sure many of us have. 

Ever so often i have had the urge to change something, create something new or recreate my life again and again. This search is not outward but inward. Our own soul is often guiding us to through this search, not outside, but inside for who we truly are. The answers are not available with others, but within us, within our own true connection with the Higher Divine and Higher Dimensions and also with the bond we create with our own true self

When we truly seek, know, embrace and believe in the beauty of our own soul and then we embody it in every action, behaviour, thought and gesture, we are truly becoming our greatest self. This brings about the highest healing within us. All sickness all disharmony comes from separation. Separation is the cause of all pain and unification is the answer. The first step is to seek and know who your true self is.

We may misunderstand this concept and want to know what our past re-incarnations were. The True self is also every evolving and growing, so to seek the past may not provide the full picture. To seek the inner self is truly to just observe ourself, who are we? what are our core inner qualities? what actions and gestures, when we follow and observe do we feel happy and aligned? what actions do we do that closes our own heart. Its not what we think, but who we naturally our before we can even think. Often times when we think before we can behave through our soul and this makes us very unhappy. Even though your mind might tell us this is the way to be, behave or react - if it doesn't make us happy, we must look deeper, what is the calling of our soul, this will align us to our greater higher self.

For me it is to love, being kind, gentle, being creative, being joyous, celebrating every breath and enjoying the bliss of nothingness, sharing everything i have...

I know that when my mind kicks in i can't be the happy joyous one that smiles and enjoys the beauty of the fresh blooming flowers... so then i know.. i am not aligned and in that moment i am not living who i truly am.. this journey may go back and forth and has many adventures, turns, aspects and more.. i will explore this further and share more! 

Until then i encourage you to believe in the beauty of your own true self and who you truly are!! remember. doesn't matter if its logical or not - stay true to your true self!

I would love to get to know your true self!!!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Love from Jesus and Mother Mary

From the moment I heard about the Jesus and Mary Crown chakra blessing, I felt deeply moved and connected to Jesus and Mary. I was seeing the soul of Jesus appearing every where I looked. I started feeling his loving presence ever so deeply.  His image was one of deep love and purity and was constantly in front of my eyes. I knew Jesus had a message for me.

Jesus said to me, “The greatest gift I can offer to you is the gift of a pure unshakable heart. Learn from my example. During my lifetime on Mother Earth, my purpose was one of spreading love and awakening each soul to align with the soul of my father and creator the Source. I loved every one truly and unconditionally, as I saw my father in each one, that I encountered in my life. Because it is he who has created us all with the same source light. The light that shines in me, shines in each one of us. Our true purpose is to align completely with this light. I knew always how my human embodiment in that life would end. But I loved every one just the way I loved my father. You, my daughter, must also love every one with the same light. My work on earth must continue on. I am here to still serve each of you. My service is to purify your heart and give you the true gift, from my heart to yours, the unshakable heart that will create in you an unconditional servant like me. I forgave every one, even before they hurt me, the Source was always with me, guiding me as I was blessed to have had a deep connection with my father at all times. Through my crown chakra blessing you too will align deeper, your soul heart mind and body, with the source who is our father. You, too, will develop unconditional compassion, unshakable heart and pure nature to serve. I will serve you always, I will remain with you always, but for 21 days from the time you receive your blessings, you will feel my presence ever so strongly, the light from my heart will light the fire of purity in your heart and you and I will align as one.”

I was blessed to have received the crown chakra blessing on the Easter weekend. The love, the tenderness, the compassion that I felt in my soul from Mother Mary and Father Jesus, brings tears to my eyes. My heart cried as I felt Jesus’s hand on my head, I felt so deeply that he is my father and his love for me is never ending. I feel so loved, blessed, protected and nurtured by his love. I felt truly like I was his little daughter and his big protective blessing hand is blessing me forever. Jesus is still with me and all of us. His love is shining brightly in each one of us who have received this blessing. I urge you to connect with the blessing and feel his love. Let us take a moment to connect with Jesus and say from our hearts, “I love you Jesus, I love you Mother Mary.”

I wish from my heart that every one of us can find this true connection with Jesus and Mother Mary through this blessing. That we may all feel the purity and divinity of their souls shining within us. We are all children of God and it is through blessings like these that we will find our way back to our home in our father’s heart.

With all my love and deep gratitude,
Master Nina

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Trace Tao to become Tao

Anyone who has experienced the power of Tao Source Calligraphy Healing will agree with me that the experience is actually breath taking and out of this world.

As an artist I hold great awe in my heart and soul for the beauty and the power that each calligraphy holds, but far more then the grace and the exquisite brushwork depicted in each one of them is the immense spiritual power that each of these calligraphies holds. Each calligraphy is a portal of Tao Love and Tao Light. The power is healing and transforming

Each time we connect to the Tao Source Calligraphy we are showered with so much virtue and love from the heavens and everything is altered and transformed for the better.

Each one of us is gifted beyond words and comprehension for the opportunity we have to sit and meditate or trace with a Tao Source Calligraphy

If you live near a centre or Tao Temple of Dr. and Master Sha, you can book and appointment and experience the Tao field. If you can make it happen to come to Hawaii, you will experience the highest form of healing love and light while you experience a Tao Field of 40 Calligraphies.

The more you trace and practice the more powerful your experiences will be. Enter the Tao Chang, empower yourself to heal and transform all aspects of your life

It is truly heart opening for me to be sitting and serving in the field. Each day the heart grows bigger, opens more. Each day I am able to see more within me that needs transforming. Things I didn't even know existed now come up for them to be released and transformed. This journey is amazing, it is enlightening, enriching, exciting, joyous, liberating and transformative beyond what our minds can comprehend. Our hearts are dancing with pure joy and our souls are grateful for the enormous expansion and light!

Come and Join us! Come to Hawaii, Join us on webcasts, join in the celebration of our souls!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Be Healed Within

I am always amazed by the confidence and the power that Master Sha has and shares with us during the Tao Healing Miracle evenings. I still remember the first time I  experienced this power and this confidence, i have never seen any one else walk into a room and ask, "Who here needs a healing blessing, who is suffering from a serious condition?"

And in response to that, I have seen people with serious conditions raise their hand and then receive healing and be healed. WOW!

This evening we were joined by many local Hawaiian friends to came to visit Master Sha for the first time.

Everyone received great healing and many blessings

The one that amazed me the most was a beautiful gentleman who was suffering from Polio all his life. It was almost impossible for him to walk, his cheer and great attitude inspired and touched us all.   He was moving in an electronic wheel chair. Master Sha offered him very high level blessings and healing. removing soul mind body blockages at all levels. The downloads and treasures offered to him created a beautiful spiritual golden body for him, removing so many blockages in his soul,  mind and body.

Master Sha also gave a calligraphy blessing to each person in the room, as I received the blessing i felt every molecule in my body was filled with light. I felt myself expand and dissolve in space filled with light. I was so blessed to be able to experience this profound blessing.

Another evening was spent experience the Divine, the Tao and the Source, serving and uplifting us - helping each of us heal, rejuvenate and transform our lives.

We are blessed and privileged. It is our duty to spread this healing. if each one heals one or enables  one to receive this grace, together we can heal the world. Let us dedicate the next few days to deep healing, let us heal from within Help others receive this healing, so that others too can experience it - let us all be healed from within.

For more information on healing sessions:

Monday, 3 August 2015

Experience the Tao Field and Tao Healing Miracles

Tears of gratitude flow though me as I share these experiences with you. My heart and soul are truly touched. Touched by the exquisite beauty and power of the Divine, the Tao and the Source. The Simplicity and Humility, the kindness and the compassion, the light and the love and all that surrounds and embraces us in this Pure temple of the Source.

Before i met Master Sha, i was convinced that our karma will bring us great pain and suffering. Human beings were born to suffer, to learn lessons and the cycle of karma continues endlessly. It is our responsibility to endure this pain and suffering and go through life trying our best to deal with the pain. I knew deep in my heart that you truly cannot hide from your Karma. I went through my life with this understanding and enduring my karma and suffering.

One day I asked heaven, is there a way this pain could be released in a different way? Is there not someone who can heal me from my own Karma? I truly felt that this was not possible - just a naive thought that i put out in the universe. Little did I ever imagine that God would really answer my prayers in more ways then I had even dared to imagine for myself. I never thought I could be forgiven and karma could be released. How could it? Birth, old age, sickness and death this is the cycle we live in. It is a law for life on mother earth.

Yet, there is only one person I know who can truly change that, and I see this not just for myself but for so many other souls on mother earth. So many are healed and so many have a new life because of Master Sha. I believe that miracles can happen. they happen each day, you can be your own miracle. But wait there is still more - its not just that we can be healed - we all have the power to heal others. And so we can start a reverse chain of good deeds and good karma and emerge from the bondage of birth, oldage, sickness and death.

 I say this today with great confidence that,  Pain is inevitable, but suffering is not inevitable.

When heaven forgives us, miracles happen. We are blessed, we live and know of these miracles as a daily phenomenon. We experienced this power yet one more time today with Mr. Raj Kumar.

This afternoon as Master Sha asked, who would like to receive a healing blessing demo? Mr, Raj Kumar raised his hand. He reported to us that he was suffering from severe Back pain, he had undergone surgery which had resulted in much more pain. He would barely be able to sit, stand or sleep and was always on a pain count of 9/10. He could barely walk. Master Pam connected with the Divine and offered the Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission Systems which consists of Soul Operation, Karma Clearing, Light Wall, SMB Package for one system, one organ or one condition and the 9 Ha's through the crown chakra.

All Divine Channels present joined in offering a boost to Raj Kumar through the crown chakra. Beloved Master Sha offered the final boost. When Raj Kumar was asked to walk, he gratefully reported that his pain was now 1/10.  How can we thank the Divine, The Tao, the Source, Master Sha enough? How can one describe Divine Forgiveness? For all the karma we have created, to be forgiven and be gifted a new beginning?

Finally, Mr. Raj Kumar received a calligraphy healing blessing for the back as he traced the Tao calligraphy created specially for the back.

He excitedly shared that his pain was now a mere 0.5/ 10

He appeared a changed man. Full of life, happiness and youthful ness. I learned a lot from this experience. Everyone needs healing. Even healers need healing. Mr. Raj is a healer himself. You could save a person by sharing your healing experience - He was introduced to Master Sha by our beloved student from Hawaii, Paul Fletcher. He was allowed this grace and this forgiveness because someone decided to share this with them. 

I urge each one to give this chance to someone else - share your joy and your healing journey freely - it will serve so many others and Together we truly have the power the heal the world:

From Hawaii with Love

My heart is filled with greatest love and greatest gratitude as I write this, my first blog post from Hawaii.

Last week, our beloved Spiritual Father and Teacher Master Sha announced that he would be devoting the coming 2 months towards building a flagship centre in Hawaii. A beautiful centre, that would be refuge for those seeking healing on all aspects of life, health, relationships, finances, spiritual blessings and much more.

As we landed on the land of Hawaii last evening, everything felt like it had changed since i was last there. everything was incredibly different. I was in Hawaii in  the month of May just a few months back and even then, it felt like the land was so different. the beauty of the island seemed more profound and light so much brighter and the an un-describable peace and power from within the ground seemed to emerge and captivate all that walked on it. From the air plane I watched though the window and could see beautiful golden drops of light and nectar falling from the skies, heavenly beings dancing with joy and many light beams emanating from heaven on mother earth - it looked like columns of light connecting Hawaii with Mother Earth and Heaven

There was much excitement and love in the air as I was greeted by the beautiful Divine Channels and our beloved Ohana. My soul told be that some thing special and rare was occurring just as we were landing. This was confirmed by Master Patrick as he told us that Master Sha was creating a powerful Tao Chang (source field) Calligraphy Temple for healing and  transformation. Master Sha created more then 30 calligraphies for healing, transformation, finance and the spiritual advancement.

These powerful calligraphies hold great power to heal, rejuvenate, transform all life and create great flourishing. The field is so powerful that no words can truly do justice to their power, their presence and what they truly represent on Mother earth at this time. 

What I learned today, yet one more time is to serve selflessly. Forget yourself through your service and dedicate your every action for the service of others. This I learnt everyday as I observe my spiritual father and teacher Master Sha. He is a true embodiment of selflessness. He leaves nothing for himself and gives everything he has to serve others. He gives endlessly, supports others endlessly and offers himself completely - he holds nothing back. Absolutely nothing. Even today as he created calligraphies late into the night, I yet again learnt this from him. He didn't once think of himself - he simply gave his very best to receive the truest essence and virtue from the source and showered all of it in the beautiful calligraphies in the temple. So that humanity could heal and transform.

I so wish from my heart that each one of you, who reads this blog has an opportunity to experience this field, the presence of Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Compassion and Divine Light and so much more that is presently emanating from our beautiful temple in Hawaii.

The next 2 months will bring great healing, great upliftment on Mother Earth. Choose to heal every moment, choose to uplift your self and choose to join us in this wonderful journey.  I welcome each one of you to join us in this beautiful temple,  let us join hearts and souls together to bring love peace and harmony.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Greatest Gratitude

On April 27, 2015, I received the greatest honour to be appointed as Disciple, Divine Channel & Worldwide Representative of my most beloved spiritual father Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha. 

I am most honoured and humbled beyond words for this greatest blessing and upliftment on my spiritual journey. 

From my heart I thank all those who have supported me unconditionally on this path. I am most grateful for your love and support, for your guidance and blessings. You are in my heart and my soul is forever grateful to each of you. 

I am honoured to serve you.

With all my love and deepest gratitude,
Master Nina