Monday, 27 October 2014

Divine Healing Hands

Become an Instrument of the Divine 

One of the highest service that we can offer, is to receive God's Hands and to be an instrument for the Divine. To be able to offer Healing Blessings through our Divine Transmission of Divine Healing Hands is such an honour and privilege. Can you imagine that the Divine Lends his Healing Hands to us? How Precious! How Generous!

These treasures that we have, serve us in every aspect of our lives. I often see so many people in this world who are suffering or do not even know what the diagnosis of their condition is. They can greatly benefit from Divine Healing Hands. We are all empowered by the Divine to heal our selves and our loved ones through Divine Healing Hands.

I urge you all to receive Divine Healing Hands. If you already have, use them to heal others. Stay connected with the community and attend the workshop with Master Sha with the Divine Channels and with the Guides. Gift Divine Healing Hands to those who need them and spread Love Peace and Harmony!

Please feel free to connect with me to receive a Divine Healing Hands Blessings or if you would like to receive Divine Healing Hands. As a Guide I am so honoured to serve you in this way.


  1. dear Nina, yes, countless bow downs, how can we thank the Divine enough for such a beautiful gift of honor to carry the Divine Healing Hands to help us serve humanity. thank you Divine, thank you Divine, thank you Divine <3

  2. Thank you Nina. Such a joyful image, full of light and love. I am very grateful to Master Sha for bringing this wonderful ability to anyone who is ready. If there was one Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer in every family, every group or community, it would make such a huge difference!!!

  3. Dear Nina,

    such a beautiful and special way to paint the DHH!
    As soon as this opportunity was offered from the Divine through Master Sha I knew that I also want to serve in this special way. It took me a bit longer to be able to actually receive this honor. And I am forever grateful to Master Sha and the Divine! My life has changed so much with this huge treasure. I have been enabled to serve so many, may many more come!

    With love from Germany


  4. So true Nina and such a beautiful and loving way of expressing this sacred treasure and honour beyond words of being able to serve with it and become a guide. We are so blessed. TY TY TY Dive and TY TY TY Beloved Master Sha for making it all possible for us. SO BLESSED -- Cbd Cbd CBD xx

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! TY TY TY LY LY LY

  6. Divine Healing Hands bring love, peace, and harmony to humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes. Thank you, Nina, for this beautiful image