Monday, 3 November 2014

Our Journey Back To Tao Takes the Greatest of Efforts

Tao Normal and Tao Reverse Creation

There is Only One Real Journey - Our Tao Xiu Lian Journey 

We are all on this journey. Some of us have a greater conscious understanding then others. 
But our souls  know that their ultimate destination is melding with the source, the Tao. 
It is most important to remember our journey, or destination, our purpose.

These most profound words of Master Sha resonate deeply in my heart about the Tao

Tao is the Source, the creator
Tao is Eternal
Tao is bigger than biggest
Tao is smaller than smallest
Tao has No Shape, No Image
Tao has no Time, No Space
Tao Doesn't Judge
Tao is Selfless
Tao gives Endlessly
Tao Doesn't ask for any credit.
Tao Creates Every Thing.
Tao is Oneness
Tao is Immortal

The coming weeks will be sacred, pure, deep.
As we advance deeper, purify our soul, heart, mind and body and go closer to the TAO
I look forward to joining you all in the next week to come - To enlighten and uplift our conscious level. To be in deep gratitude to have the opportunity to be in oneness with the TAO

 I am simply a student of Dr. and Master Sha who teaches the Tao. The painting above is simply a sketch and a "learning in progress" - it may not be the 100% accurate representation of the teachings of Master Sha. Please do not use this as your learning tool. Please refer to the actual teachings in the books and videos to Learn the Tao.


  1. Wow, wow, wow! I am deeply impressed and in awe dear Nina! I bow to your great gift from Heaven. I definitly will meditate with your painting! I can feel that it will assist me and others to understand the Tao normal and reverse creation on a much deeper level.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us, we are so blessed!

  2. this is beautiful, the colors are bright and enlightening. i want to learn more... may i share your blog on my facebook page? i can not thank you enough for these wonderful visual messages from heaven. thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Dear beloved Master Henderson, Please do share this picture wherever you would like. I do not own the rights to this knowledge - It is all Master Sha's Knowledge and wisdom. Would love help spread this knowledge as much as possible. Thank you for always being so encouraging. With all my deep love - Nina