Thursday, 6 August 2015

Trace Tao to become Tao

Anyone who has experienced the power of Tao Source Calligraphy Healing will agree with me that the experience is actually breath taking and out of this world.

As an artist I hold great awe in my heart and soul for the beauty and the power that each calligraphy holds, but far more then the grace and the exquisite brushwork depicted in each one of them is the immense spiritual power that each of these calligraphies holds. Each calligraphy is a portal of Tao Love and Tao Light. The power is healing and transforming

Each time we connect to the Tao Source Calligraphy we are showered with so much virtue and love from the heavens and everything is altered and transformed for the better.

Each one of us is gifted beyond words and comprehension for the opportunity we have to sit and meditate or trace with a Tao Source Calligraphy

If you live near a centre or Tao Temple of Dr. and Master Sha, you can book and appointment and experience the Tao field. If you can make it happen to come to Hawaii, you will experience the highest form of healing love and light while you experience a Tao Field of 40 Calligraphies.

The more you trace and practice the more powerful your experiences will be. Enter the Tao Chang, empower yourself to heal and transform all aspects of your life

It is truly heart opening for me to be sitting and serving in the field. Each day the heart grows bigger, opens more. Each day I am able to see more within me that needs transforming. Things I didn't even know existed now come up for them to be released and transformed. This journey is amazing, it is enlightening, enriching, exciting, joyous, liberating and transformative beyond what our minds can comprehend. Our hearts are dancing with pure joy and our souls are grateful for the enormous expansion and light!

Come and Join us! Come to Hawaii, Join us on webcasts, join in the celebration of our souls!


  1. I love this painting and this service which depicts how we become light when we change and trace pure light. The calligraphy above means "Tao Light." Today I offered a healing blessing from within the Tao. The light came down from Heaven and embraced the person. Mother Earth's light came up and embraced the person. The person started lying down in bed and during the healing her soul got up and became light and danced the light. It was so beautiful, so power, and so inspiring. I love Tao Source Healing. TY for sharing these images for us to help us to 'see' and become light. Light carries message. It will transform all messages our souls now carry that may be less than light. Sing and chant. Benefit. Share. LYLYLY TYTYTY CBD CBD CBD

    1. I totally Agree I wish I had a Tao centre with calligraphies near me .That is why I am dreaming of my Beautiful huge shed becoming a place where folks can come to heal . Sing and chant CBDs CBds CBDs Soul Hugs Brigitte>>>Gitta

  2. I just love this painting Well Done Nina soul Hugs Brigitte ..Gitta

  3. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love through your paintings and words! Love you, love you, love you!