Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Be Healed Within

I am always amazed by the confidence and the power that Master Sha has and shares with us during the Tao Healing Miracle evenings. I still remember the first time I  experienced this power and this confidence, i have never seen any one else walk into a room and ask, "Who here needs a healing blessing, who is suffering from a serious condition?"

And in response to that, I have seen people with serious conditions raise their hand and then receive healing and be healed. WOW!

This evening we were joined by many local Hawaiian friends to came to visit Master Sha for the first time.

Everyone received great healing and many blessings

The one that amazed me the most was a beautiful gentleman who was suffering from Polio all his life. It was almost impossible for him to walk, his cheer and great attitude inspired and touched us all.   He was moving in an electronic wheel chair. Master Sha offered him very high level blessings and healing. removing soul mind body blockages at all levels. The downloads and treasures offered to him created a beautiful spiritual golden body for him, removing so many blockages in his soul,  mind and body.

Master Sha also gave a calligraphy blessing to each person in the room, as I received the blessing i felt every molecule in my body was filled with light. I felt myself expand and dissolve in space filled with light. I was so blessed to be able to experience this profound blessing.

Another evening was spent experience the Divine, the Tao and the Source, serving and uplifting us - helping each of us heal, rejuvenate and transform our lives.

We are blessed and privileged. It is our duty to spread this healing. if each one heals one or enables  one to receive this grace, together we can heal the world. Let us dedicate the next few days to deep healing, let us heal from within Help others receive this healing, so that others too can experience it - let us all be healed from within.

For more information on healing sessions: https://www.drsha.com/event/tmh-aug3/


  1. Beloved Nina what a wonderful thought " if each one heals one or enables one to receive this grace, together we can heal the world." I loved it.

  2. Dear Master Nina, I love this painting. I love all your paintings. I love your inspirational sharing through your art and through your teaching/sharing. I want to share this painting for a dear friend to receive love and light for the cancer attacking her body. I offered her a healing session where instead of offering direct healing we chanted for our beloved Master Sha and his family. We invited all souls to join us. I saw this dear soul bathed in a beautiful golden, crystal column of light coming down from Heaven and up from Mother Earth. From a lying position, I saw this beautiful soul get up and dance, dressed in beautiful gown of light. Truly inspirational. I know this was possible because we were honoring Master Sha. This healing, blessings, and dance took place in the Tao Normal and Reverse Creation circle. LYLYLY TYTYTY CBD CBD CBD

  3. Dear Beloved Master Nina I loved all your paintings seeing them I see and feel the depth of your thoughts ,the shear scope of your feelings which inspired you to do them also inspired me so much and reminded me of our beloved Master Sha whom we all love so much and so fortunate to know in this lifetime in person .TY TY TY LU LU LU