Monday, 3 August 2015

Experience the Tao Field and Tao Healing Miracles

Tears of gratitude flow though me as I share these experiences with you. My heart and soul are truly touched. Touched by the exquisite beauty and power of the Divine, the Tao and the Source. The Simplicity and Humility, the kindness and the compassion, the light and the love and all that surrounds and embraces us in this Pure temple of the Source.

Before i met Master Sha, i was convinced that our karma will bring us great pain and suffering. Human beings were born to suffer, to learn lessons and the cycle of karma continues endlessly. It is our responsibility to endure this pain and suffering and go through life trying our best to deal with the pain. I knew deep in my heart that you truly cannot hide from your Karma. I went through my life with this understanding and enduring my karma and suffering.

One day I asked heaven, is there a way this pain could be released in a different way? Is there not someone who can heal me from my own Karma? I truly felt that this was not possible - just a naive thought that i put out in the universe. Little did I ever imagine that God would really answer my prayers in more ways then I had even dared to imagine for myself. I never thought I could be forgiven and karma could be released. How could it? Birth, old age, sickness and death this is the cycle we live in. It is a law for life on mother earth.

Yet, there is only one person I know who can truly change that, and I see this not just for myself but for so many other souls on mother earth. So many are healed and so many have a new life because of Master Sha. I believe that miracles can happen. they happen each day, you can be your own miracle. But wait there is still more - its not just that we can be healed - we all have the power to heal others. And so we can start a reverse chain of good deeds and good karma and emerge from the bondage of birth, oldage, sickness and death.

 I say this today with great confidence that,  Pain is inevitable, but suffering is not inevitable.

When heaven forgives us, miracles happen. We are blessed, we live and know of these miracles as a daily phenomenon. We experienced this power yet one more time today with Mr. Raj Kumar.

This afternoon as Master Sha asked, who would like to receive a healing blessing demo? Mr, Raj Kumar raised his hand. He reported to us that he was suffering from severe Back pain, he had undergone surgery which had resulted in much more pain. He would barely be able to sit, stand or sleep and was always on a pain count of 9/10. He could barely walk. Master Pam connected with the Divine and offered the Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission Systems which consists of Soul Operation, Karma Clearing, Light Wall, SMB Package for one system, one organ or one condition and the 9 Ha's through the crown chakra.

All Divine Channels present joined in offering a boost to Raj Kumar through the crown chakra. Beloved Master Sha offered the final boost. When Raj Kumar was asked to walk, he gratefully reported that his pain was now 1/10.  How can we thank the Divine, The Tao, the Source, Master Sha enough? How can one describe Divine Forgiveness? For all the karma we have created, to be forgiven and be gifted a new beginning?

Finally, Mr. Raj Kumar received a calligraphy healing blessing for the back as he traced the Tao calligraphy created specially for the back.

He excitedly shared that his pain was now a mere 0.5/ 10

He appeared a changed man. Full of life, happiness and youthful ness. I learned a lot from this experience. Everyone needs healing. Even healers need healing. Mr. Raj is a healer himself. You could save a person by sharing your healing experience - He was introduced to Master Sha by our beloved student from Hawaii, Paul Fletcher. He was allowed this grace and this forgiveness because someone decided to share this with them. 

I urge each one to give this chance to someone else - share your joy and your healing journey freely - it will serve so many others and Together we truly have the power the heal the world:


  1. Thank you Master Nina for sharing with us the good news and your vision. Love your painting with the calligraphies. Looking forward to go experience it in Oah'u.

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  3. Wonderful Master Nina we deeply appreciate your deep creative insight

  4. Love this painting so much. Thank you, Master Nina.