Sunday, 10 April 2016

Love from Jesus and Mother Mary

From the moment I heard about the Jesus and Mary Crown chakra blessing, I felt deeply moved and connected to Jesus and Mary. I was seeing the soul of Jesus appearing every where I looked. I started feeling his loving presence ever so deeply.  His image was one of deep love and purity and was constantly in front of my eyes. I knew Jesus had a message for me.

Jesus said to me, “The greatest gift I can offer to you is the gift of a pure unshakable heart. Learn from my example. During my lifetime on Mother Earth, my purpose was one of spreading love and awakening each soul to align with the soul of my father and creator the Source. I loved every one truly and unconditionally, as I saw my father in each one, that I encountered in my life. Because it is he who has created us all with the same source light. The light that shines in me, shines in each one of us. Our true purpose is to align completely with this light. I knew always how my human embodiment in that life would end. But I loved every one just the way I loved my father. You, my daughter, must also love every one with the same light. My work on earth must continue on. I am here to still serve each of you. My service is to purify your heart and give you the true gift, from my heart to yours, the unshakable heart that will create in you an unconditional servant like me. I forgave every one, even before they hurt me, the Source was always with me, guiding me as I was blessed to have had a deep connection with my father at all times. Through my crown chakra blessing you too will align deeper, your soul heart mind and body, with the source who is our father. You, too, will develop unconditional compassion, unshakable heart and pure nature to serve. I will serve you always, I will remain with you always, but for 21 days from the time you receive your blessings, you will feel my presence ever so strongly, the light from my heart will light the fire of purity in your heart and you and I will align as one.”

I was blessed to have received the crown chakra blessing on the Easter weekend. The love, the tenderness, the compassion that I felt in my soul from Mother Mary and Father Jesus, brings tears to my eyes. My heart cried as I felt Jesus’s hand on my head, I felt so deeply that he is my father and his love for me is never ending. I feel so loved, blessed, protected and nurtured by his love. I felt truly like I was his little daughter and his big protective blessing hand is blessing me forever. Jesus is still with me and all of us. His love is shining brightly in each one of us who have received this blessing. I urge you to connect with the blessing and feel his love. Let us take a moment to connect with Jesus and say from our hearts, “I love you Jesus, I love you Mother Mary.”

I wish from my heart that every one of us can find this true connection with Jesus and Mother Mary through this blessing. That we may all feel the purity and divinity of their souls shining within us. We are all children of God and it is through blessings like these that we will find our way back to our home in our father’s heart.

With all my love and deep gratitude,
Master Nina


  1. Dear Master Nina,
    I love this painting. It reminded me of when I was about 7 years old Jesus came to me and shared a message about my purpose which is now being fulfilled. Your painting embodies the love and the empowerment he gave me so long ago. My connection with Mother Mary didn't come until I became a Reiki Master Teacher. She appeared during my initiation again with a special message about my journey on Mother Earth. TY so much for sharing your heart, this beautiful painting full of so much love and light. TYTYTY LYLYLY CBD CBD CBD

  2. Thank you from my heart and soul for this very beautiful painting and heart touching share from Master Jesus. May his love, forgiveness and light live within our hearts every moment and breath we take. I love you very much. With Greatest Love always.

  3. Thank you so much Master Nina for this very touching sharing and the most beautiful painting! Goes straight to the heart and soul of the viewer!

  4. Love you Master Nina and many of your talents.

  5. Love you Master Nina and many of your talents.