Friday, 24 March 2017

Know, Seek, Embrace, Believe in your true self

Each one of us is born into this world with our true self, our higher self, our own spirit. Many of us were born searching for answers. I was definitely one of those beings. I remember being two and asking my self - Where am I? Why am I here? what am I meant to do here? All along my life I have asked these questions at times in my life. and i am sure many of us have. 

Ever so often i have had the urge to change something, create something new or recreate my life again and again. This search is not outward but inward. Our own soul is often guiding us to through this search, not outside, but inside for who we truly are. The answers are not available with others, but within us, within our own true connection with the Higher Divine and Higher Dimensions and also with the bond we create with our own true self

When we truly seek, know, embrace and believe in the beauty of our own soul and then we embody it in every action, behaviour, thought and gesture, we are truly becoming our greatest self. This brings about the highest healing within us. All sickness all disharmony comes from separation. Separation is the cause of all pain and unification is the answer. The first step is to seek and know who your true self is.

We may misunderstand this concept and want to know what our past re-incarnations were. The True self is also every evolving and growing, so to seek the past may not provide the full picture. To seek the inner self is truly to just observe ourself, who are we? what are our core inner qualities? what actions and gestures, when we follow and observe do we feel happy and aligned? what actions do we do that closes our own heart. Its not what we think, but who we naturally our before we can even think. Often times when we think before we can behave through our soul and this makes us very unhappy. Even though your mind might tell us this is the way to be, behave or react - if it doesn't make us happy, we must look deeper, what is the calling of our soul, this will align us to our greater higher self.

For me it is to love, being kind, gentle, being creative, being joyous, celebrating every breath and enjoying the bliss of nothingness, sharing everything i have...

I know that when my mind kicks in i can't be the happy joyous one that smiles and enjoys the beauty of the fresh blooming flowers... so then i know.. i am not aligned and in that moment i am not living who i truly am.. this journey may go back and forth and has many adventures, turns, aspects and more.. i will explore this further and share more! 

Until then i encourage you to believe in the beauty of your own true self and who you truly are!! remember. doesn't matter if its logical or not - stay true to your true self!

I would love to get to know your true self!!!

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